Scott Pilutik

I am an attorney and consultant living and working in Manhattan, focusing primarily on church/state constitutional law. I'm a recognized expert on the Church of Scientology organization. I also have strong interests in intellectual property law where it intersects with emerging media, and free speech.

I support the efforts of the Americans United for Separation of Church and State, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the National Lawyers Guild, the ACLU, Creative Commons, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. I am a member of the New York County Lawyers Association and the New York State Bar Association. I also enjoy (watching) hockey and (doing) photograhy.

Online I can be found on Facebook, Twitter. My resume can be viewed here. I can be reached by phone at 212.645.6241 or by e-mail at pilutik[at]

Free Speech in Burning Theaters

No small amount of ink has been spilled over an alleged film that allegedly caused riots throughout pockets of the middle east, allegedly leading to the death of the US Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, and some of his staff members. I hedge because from the start of this story so many facts have been [...]

Taibbi on Bain, the RNC Convention, and Apple v Samsung

Matt Taibbi has a long piece in Rolling Stone, and basically asks why anyone would think Romney’s business experience makes him fit to run a country probably doesn’t what Bain Capital actually did, i.e., caused flailing companies to accrue massive debt, and paid itself many multiples over its investment for the privilege of firing everyone.


Response to Irrational Obama Hatred on Facebook

[/the below comment is from a Facebook thread in response to a conservative friend of mine but I think it reads well removed from that context so am publishing here/]

Okay, so you have a problem because Obama chooses business winners? And he's ignored so many laws? You've just described every president in the history [...]

Notes & Links | 1-25-12

I’ll bet there are a few posts I’ve made where I promise to post more but this time, no, THIS time, I’m really going to commit myself. This commitment will be a daily fight where I dissuade myself of the notion that my thoughts on a story aren’t original enough to merit inflicting on the [...]

Eviction Night for #OWS

In the earliest hours of November 15, 2011, I finally drifted off to sleep after the NHL Network had looped for perhaps a third time. The mumbling TV probably caused me to miss my phone’s space-agey text message notification, even though it lay inches from my head. It wasn’t until a half hour later that [...]

Will Hosanna-Tabor v. EEOC Give Hope to the Headleys?

The “ministerial exception” is finally about to get its long overdue day in court, as the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on October 5, 2011 in the case of Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School v. EEOC, out of the 6th Circuit [pdf of decision here]. The case’s outcome promises to have significant impact, [...]

links 6-15

Scientology owes the City of Clearwater a half million dollars in fines and doesn’t want to pay it. The St. Pete Times thinks they should.

There will be no shortage of comparisons made between Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, but where Palin’s beliefs are 7 parts opportunism to 1 part Christianity, Bachmann is the real [...]

Links 6-8

I’m going to try to train myself to post more by simply posting links to some of the crap I wind up reading every day. Starting with:

Cops overdoing it. SWAT team breaks down the door of and arrests the estranged husband of a woman who had defaulted on her student loans. Scary for personal [...]

In defense of Thomas Mills and the judge who granted his wish that his children not be homeschooled

Some Christians are up in arms over a North Carolina family court’s order last week that mother Venessa Mills discontinue homeschooling her children and send them to public school instead. After reading the news coverage, and then reading the order [pdf], I think the court got it right, and for the right reasons, few of [...]

roe v. wha?

We’ve had advance notice for the last few days that in the Sarah Palin interview with Katie Couric, Palin was unable to name another Supreme Court case besides Roe v. Wade. Troubling, yes, but it unfortunately eclipsed a more troubling answer, which occurred when Couric asked Palin if she thought there was a “right to [...]