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I am an attorney and consultant living and working in Manhattan, focusing primarily on church/state constitutional law. I'm a recognized expert on the Church of Scientology organization. I also have strong interests in intellectual property law where it intersects with emerging media, and free speech.

I support the efforts of the Americans United for Separation of Church and State, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the National Lawyers Guild, the ACLU, Creative Commons, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. I am a member of the New York County Lawyers Association and the New York State Bar Association. I also enjoy (watching) hockey and (doing) photograhy.

Online I can be found on Facebook, Twitter. My resume can be viewed here. I can be reached by phone at 212.645.6241 or by e-mail at pilutik[at]

Laura Decrescenzo v. Church of Scientology International, Inc., et al.

In a potentially devastating blow to the Church of Scientology, a lawsuit filed by Laura Decrescenzo (nee Dieckman)–alleging Forced abortion; Deprivation of liberty; False imprisonment; Intentional infliction of emotional distress; and various violations of California labor law statutes–which was dismissed as time-barred by the (federal) District Court for the Central District of California in November [...]

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Scientology owes the City of Clearwater a half million dollars in fines and doesn’t want to pay it. The St. Pete Times thinks they should.

There will be no shortage of comparisons made between Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, but where Palin’s beliefs are 7 parts opportunism to 1 part Christianity, Bachmann is the real [...]

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That Cocoa Krispies provides no medical benefits to your children’s immune systems is a somewhat ridiculous thing to go to court over, but Kellogg’s left class action attorneys no choice.

via Fooducate.

Per the LA Times, the FCC issued a 475-page report finding what everyone else has known for decades: local news is abysmal. [...]

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I’m going to try to train myself to post more by simply posting links to some of the crap I wind up reading every day. Starting with:

Cops overdoing it. SWAT team breaks down the door of and arrests the estranged husband of a woman who had defaulted on her student loans. Scary for personal [...]

**** revisited

A friend asked me a question about a domain name he was considering registering but was hesitant because his proposed domain used the trademarked name of a corporate entity that his proposed website intended to criticize. The name of the domain name isn’t important to the minor point I want to raise (and I obviously [...]

The Case for Inurement Against the Church of Scientology

In the wake of Lawrence Wright’s New Yorker article on Scientology in February 2011, additional allegations were revealed by Tony Ortega in the Village Voice that former Sea Org member John Brousseau had customized Harley-Davidson motorcycles belonging to Tom Cruise and David Miscavige and an S.U.V. belonging to Cruise – and this time there were [...]

Delorme McKee-Stovall and Santa Clara County – Defamation or False Light against Scientology protesters?

[UPDATED a/o 8:56 pm 2/28-- I've made some tweaks and corrections to this article, and may do so again, but the bulk will remain the same]

The “Network for a Hate Free Community” [site here] is an outgrowth of the County of Santa Clara, California, and headed by Delorme McKee-Stovall, who has taken up Scientology’s [...]

Diskeeper loses on Summary Judgment motion

On May 21, 2009, the Los Angeles Superior Court ruled against Diskeeper’s Motion for summary judgment in its case against Godelman and Le Shay, although it did find for Diskeeper in part by preemptively removing the availability of punitive damages from the case, likely to prompt settlement. Jury trial is now set for July 13, [...]

Souter’s concurrence in Lee v. Weisman

David Souter’s announced retirement from the Supreme Court today is somewhat of a blow to establishment clause separationists, for whom there was no more eloquent a proponent than Souter. I’ve come back to Souter’s inspired concurrence in Lee v. Weisman more than once, so I thought I’d post some of that concurrence here. In Lee [...]

Resurrection Clause = Prosecutorial Misconduct?

I rarely dive into sensationalist crime but this story about a mother, Ria Ramkissoon, accused of starving her son to death at the suggestion and behest of her fellow cult members (because he failed begin his dinner with an “amen”) is interesting because of the unusual plea agreement into which she entered.

Members of the [...]