Scott Pilutik

I am an attorney and consultant living and working in Manhattan, focusing primarily on church/state constitutional law. I'm a recognized expert on the Church of Scientology organization. I also have strong interests in intellectual property law where it intersects with emerging media, and free speech.

I support the efforts of the Americans United for Separation of Church and State, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the National Lawyers Guild, the ACLU, Creative Commons, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. I am a member of the New York County Lawyers Association and the New York State Bar Association. I also enjoy (watching) hockey and (doing) photograhy.

Online I can be found on Facebook, Twitter. My resume can be viewed here. I can be reached by phone at 212.645.6241 or by e-mail at pilutik[at]

Legal Analysis of the Borat Frat Boy Lawsuit

At first blush, the Borat frat boy suit seems nothing like Cantrell, the law of the land when it comes to false light. The chief difference is in the publication method: the precise words in Joe Eszterhas’ article about the Cantrell family could be scrutinized, and misrepresentations numbered, labeled, and compared to what was then [...]

Woodward and Lessons from Cowles Media

At the heart of Cohen v. Cowles Media lives a common journalistic ethical quandary: Is access worth the price of admission? The journalists in Cowles bargained for an unknown secret in exchange for the ability to source that secret. When the secret didn’t rise to its hyped level, they cried foul and took their ‘money’ [...]