Scott Pilutik

I am an attorney and consultant living and working in Manhattan, focusing primarily on church/state constitutional law. I'm a recognized expert on the Church of Scientology organization. I also have strong interests in intellectual property law where it intersects with emerging media, and free speech.

I support the efforts of the Americans United for Separation of Church and State, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the National Lawyers Guild, the ACLU, Creative Commons, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. I am a member of the New York County Lawyers Association and the New York State Bar Association. I also enjoy (watching) hockey and (doing) photograhy.

Online I can be found on Facebook, Twitter. My resume can be viewed here. I can be reached by phone at 212.645.6241 or by e-mail at pilutik[at]

Links 6-8

I’m going to try to train myself to post more by simply posting links to some of the crap I wind up reading every day. Starting with:

  • Cops overdoing it. SWAT team breaks down the door of and arrests the estranged husband of a woman who had defaulted on her student loans. Scary for personal reasons. via Gawker.
  • Michael Tomasky’s persuasive argument that democrats should spend more time vilifying Ayn Rand.  He makes a great point where he reduces the dem/repub conundrum as follows:

Republican attacks against Democrats are typically philosophical in basis, while Democratic attacks are usually policy-specific. [...] The difference exists for a simple reason: Republican programs are unpopular, but their bumper-sticker philosophy is popular (less government, stronger defense), while Democratic philosophy is viewed negatively but people strongly support specific government programs. This dichotomy makes for Republican attacks that are in general far more emotionally compelling. They tell a story and provide a context.

I think the Dems should resurrect all those “Trickle Down” mentions in support of laissez-faire policies from the 80s and remind everyone that not much actually trickled down. And now that Ross Perot’s “great sucking sound” of job disappearance has actually come to pass, the theory is even less sustainable–the trickle-down–what little there is of it–beneficiaries to corporate welfare are foreign workers.

  • The California State Fire Marshal, in 1941, warns Americans of fire hazards including housewives washing clothes in gasoline:

h/t my ultra-fascinating college R.A. Bunch.